What happens when you have a game that has been around for a quarter-century and a deeply passionate player base? You get stuff. Lots of cool stuff.

From stained glass to wedding rings, delicious cakes to custom jewelry: here are 10 creative endeavors made by the Magic: The Gathering community (in no particular order).

1. Lego Slimefoot!

By Eero Okkonen

Lego comes from Danish leg godt meaning 'play well', something Magic players strive towards.

This adorable Lego figure was done by the very talented Eero Okkonen, who does some truly artistic work. You can find more about it here.

2. Too Cool For School

Here's two classy friends at a Two headed giant event.

Where can we order those playmats?

3. Cakemaster

Created by Confectionism

If you google 'Magic: The Gathering Cake' you'll find two things:

1) There are many talented people baking MTG-inspired cakes.


4. The Tattoo

If you googled for MTG cakes, know that MTG tattoo also delivers extensive results, just not that yummy.

What's the ultimate (no pun intended) tribute you can pay to an artist? Getting his art on your skin seems a strong candidate.

5. Stained Glass Bolas

by Alexm920 via reddit

Remember the War of the Spark trailer with those beautiful stained glass planeswalkers?

Here's a real one. You can find the artist that did this gorgeous piece here.

6. Hot N Cold

By Valkyrie studios

Seeing this picture left us wondering: what other Magic card would make a cool looking object?

For a real challenge we propose someone build a replica of Colossus Hammer.

7. Wearing Moxes

Source: Edwin the Magic Engineer via Youtube

Here's five of the most iconic Magic cards turned into necklaces.

You should also check our interview with Dan Frazier, the artist that painted them!

8. Shalai & Karn Cosplay

Source: Nissa Cosplay

The term "Cosplay" (costume play) was coined in 84 in Japan, and this performance art has been growing ever since.

An impressive display by NissaCosplay and AtlasCrafts.

9. Card Alters

By Klug Alters

Many Magic players alter cards as a hobby and some - like Klug Alters - are able to make a living out of it.

Read our interview with Klug Alters and learn more about his awesome job!

10. Magic Wedding

Source: Wizards of the Coast

In some booster packs you'll find that Mythic card you've been looking for, in others you'll get an awesome foil, and in some you'll find... a wedding ring.

At least that's what Kate found, after Dallas proposed to her using a very special booster. You can read the full story here.