Hey everyone.

This article will give you an overview of where we currently stand in terms of app development (mostly MTG Manager iOS). We had some internal company changes that slowed things down for the last couple of months, but we’re now ready to move forward at a faster pace.

In a nutshell, you can expect the iOS app to be fully functional and up to date with the Legacy features by the end on this year. We’ll also keep the database up to date with the latest and greatest new cards.

So let’s get to it.

Transfer from MTG Manager Legacy to the new app.

We have now successfully transferred thousands of accounts from the Legacy app to the new app. All collections and purchases (slots) should have transferred over for all users. If, for some reason, your collection or purchases did not transfer over, please write us at support@bigar.com.

Missing MTG Manager Legacy features on 2.0

There are some important features still missing from the 2.0 app like the ‘All cards’ folder, advanced search and sorting options, including by price. These are our top priority features, and you should see an update with the ‘all cards’ folder very soon. We’re working to have all the Legacy features missing on 2.0 available by the end of this year.

iOS Bugs

We want to thank to everyone who has been reporting bugs and sharing their feedback with us. Some issues are currently being fixed, like the price not changing when editing the card’s edition or ticking for foil in Inventory, or the bulk scanner not filtering by edition correctly. If you’re noticing any issues please write us at support@bigar.com.

Feature Requests

As mentioned, our top priorities are fixing the app current bugs and adding missing Legacy features, but after that we’ll be adding new features like the card price alerts, where you’ll be able to set custom notifications on card price spikes and drops. Any feature you’d like to work on? Let us know.

Card Database

Zendikar Rising is now available on the database; an issue that was causing double-sided cards not to scan has been fixed. Supplemental products – like the Walking Dead Secret Lair – are also available. We’ll keep adding new cards as they come out.

MTG Manager Android and Web Portal

For our Android users, new features can be expected only in 2021. For our web Portal, we’ll be adding decks, so you’ll be able to manage them alongside your Inventory (which is already available).

We’ve been implementing the advanced search on the web Portal, which will make the card searching process much smoother. We’ll talk more about this soon.

Closing Thoughts

This is what we’ll be focusing on for the remaining quarter of this year. We’re incredibly excited for what’s to come, and grateful to have you with us on this journey. We’re always available to chat and talk about any concerns or suggestions you might have, so just write us an email, as we read every message and reply to everyone.

Thank you and stay safe.