Hey there! In this article we'll talk about what we’ve been working on and what we’re doing next.

But before that, meet (part) of our team!

Here's our team at work (with a couple of members missing). Left to right, top to bottom: Zé (loves hiking), Duarte (terrible Commander player), Tiago (the boss) and Daniel (loves SLBenfica football club). There's also a vodka bottle on the table, but it contains only water (I verified this myself).

The Celine Dion video reference may or may not be true.

So, we’re going to let you in on what we’ve been working on, and where we’re currently standing. Here's what we'll go over:

  • Account system
  • New MTG Manager app for Android
  • New MTG Manager app for iOS
  • Web portal for MTG Manager, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Poké TCG
  • New Yu-Gi-Oh! and Poké TCG Manager Apps for both iOS and Android

Without further ado, let's get right to it.

Account system

Status: Done / Sync in development

Our Login page

Our account system is already working, and we’re now finalizing the sync ability between iOS and Android apps and our servers.

New MTG Manager app for Android

Status: Done / In further development

BigAR MTG Manager Android Play Store Description

The new MTG Manager app was released early June, expanding from an app that only had a scanner and one deck to a full collection manager, with inventories, statistics, multiple decks, and a much-improved scanner.

This was a special milestone for us, as Android users had been requesting it for a long time. Since the release we’ve been releasing updates nearly every week, and we’ve added some cool features like the Top 50 winners/losers.

We will continue to develop the app further as shown on the ‘SOON’ section of the subscriptions.

New MTG Manager app for iOS

Status: Almost ready for release

An image of our new iOS app (subject to change)

This took a little longer than what we’d like, but what matters is that we’re almost there. I’d say we’re about 95% done.

We had to make the hard decision of rebuilding the app from the ground up, but it was the best choice in the long run. Our new app will add much requested features like the integration between decks and inventories, the ability to move cards between folders, add custom images to decks and inventories, among many others.

We can’t wait for our iPhone and iPad users to finally get their hands on the new app!

Web portal for MTG Manager, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Poké TCG

Status: Design finalized / In development

Card detail on our web portal (in progress)

Design is finalized, and things are moving at a good pace. We will release the first beta version as soon as possible, and then improve things incrementally. We expect this process to last about six month, with the first release happening still this year.

New Yu-Gi-Oh! and Poké TCG Manager Apps for both iOS and Android

Status: Yu-Gi-Oh! Android Released / Others still in early development

Screenshots of our BigAR Yu-Gi-Oh! App for Android

For Android, we recently released our Yu-Gi-Oh! Manager app, and plan to release it for Poké TCG until the end of the year.

For iOS all our efforts are currently focused on the new MTG Manager app, after the release we will start working on the new Yu-Gi-Oh! and Poké TCG apps too.


And there you have it! This was a short summary of what we've been working on, but we're also doing a lot more stuff on our day-to-day, like adding new features, fixing bugs, and adding new expansions.

We've been paying close attention to your feedback, and we're working to improve in every aspect we can. The new apps are moving in that direction, but we also want to have every future expansion available before release, as we understand how frustrating it is not be able to scan your brand new cards when you get them!

Overall, we want 2020 to be a big year for all the users using our apps, and we're working hard to make the best possible products available on the market for managing Trading Card Games.

Your feedback is vital to us, so please keep sharing your thoughts with us.

Thank you for being with us.